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Ribbon Cutting

The Colton Chamber would be happy to help your business celebrate with a Grand Opening, Ribbon Cutting or Groundbreaking Ceremony. As you prepare, here are some tips and suggestions to help you execute an excellent event!


  • To have a Colton Chamber representative present, your company must be a Chamber member.
  • Your company must meet one of the following qualifications:
    • Your business opened its doors within the last 12 months.
    • Your business changed ownership or is under new management in the last six months.
    • Your business moved to a new location.
    • Your business has a grand re-opening, remodel or expansion at its present location.
  • We require you to schedule the ribbon cuttings at least two weeks in advance.
  • Your company is required to fill out this survey before the Chamber can confirm your date. Please allow 48-72 hours for processing.

Need helpful tips on ribbon cuttings? We've compiled some for you.

Just a reminder that the Chamber is not responsible for guaranteeing event attendance.

Have additional questions? Please reach out to the Executive Director.

Ribbon Cutting Request Form

Download the Colton Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting Request Form (PDF)
or fill out the online Ribbon Cutting Request Form below.

When and where is your upcoming ribbon cutting? Please include the date, time and location of your event.

Please provide any social media handles you would like included.

Would you like the Chamber to post your ribbon cutting to Member News? Please keep in mind that if we post for you, you will not be able to edit or change the posting.

Please provide your contact information.


The Chamber will Provide

In order to elevate the success of your event, the Chamber can help you with the following:

  • Large scissors and red ribbon for your event
  • Executive Director will attend and/or Board Members, if available.

Note: If your event does not abide by any of the above guidelines, the Colton Chamber is not required to provide you with any of these items.

Tips and Suggestions

Set the Date

To minimize the potential for conflict, don’t schedule your event around other events – this can reduce turnout for yours. These events can include:

  • Major and minor holidays
  • College sporting events
  • High school tournaments
  • Community events and festivals
  • Concerts
  • Graduations
  • Elections

By scheduling your event at least two weeks in advance, it gives others the flexibility in making adjustments to their calendars.


Determine your venue. If outdoors, make a plan for inclement weather. Groundbreakings can be done indoors, if necessary.

Set the Guest List

Your grand opening, ribbon cutting or groundbreaking event is a great opportunity to bring people together. This is your event so we encourage you to invite anyone supportive of your business. The Chamber is not responsible for guaranteeing event attendance. Here is a suggestion of individuals to keep in mind:

  • Current employees and past employees, as it makes sense.
  • Vendors, suppliers and others your business does business with.
  • Key customers and prospects
  • Neighboring businesses
  • Special dignitaries from key professional or business organizations you may be involved in (if appropriate).
  • Key business and government representatives including city council members, county commissioners or state senators.
  • Send event details (what, where, when, why, who and how) to local media by using the media list provided on the Chamber’s website.

Props and Event Activities

This is your event, the Chamber is not responsible for making any of the below arrangements.

  • Educate your audience – create brochures with interesting facts, highlight company history and individuals who will be speaking at the event.
  • Arranging rental and delivery of a microphone/sound system, podium, chairs, table or a stage.
  • Setting a menu for finger foods or appetizers and water or coffee (if appropriate).
  • Make arrangements for any performers, activities, games or giveaways for the event.
  • Make arrangements for a photographer or videographer if necessary.
  • Identify and arrange for any “props” that will be needed – such as commemorative shovels, ceremonial scissors and ribbon, a reveal curtain, countdown clock, etc. Be sure to make arrangements in advance to rent or purchase them. Customize props that would be unique to your business. Also, be clear on costs and delivery dates.
    • The Chamber supplies ceremonial scissors and red ribbon

Promotion of Your Event

This is your event, the Chamber is not responsible for any of the below arrangements. A news release and media advisory template, along with a media list is available from the Chamber’s Communications Toolkit.

  • Post your grand opening, ribbon cutting or groundbreaking to Member News, located on the Chamber’s website.
  • Develop a news release and media advisory.
  • Distribute a media advisory two business days before the event to local media, business publications, trade associations and professional and business organizations you may be a member of.
  • Follow-up calls on the day of the event are recommended to see if anyone will be covering your event or provide a mention of it.
  • Distribute the news release after the event. Call Colton News Group and or Colton Courier Newspaper.

Week of the Event

Organization is key to any successful event. You want to prevent anything from going wrong – while there is still time to do something about it. Consider the following:

  • Make one person the central point of communications and scheduling. This person can delegate specific responsibilities but will ultimately ensure that the process is moving as it should.
  • Find a staging location and put all necessary items for the event in the same area.
  • Check with your master of ceremonies and other speakers to ensure they understand what is expected of them and find out if there is anything you need to have ready for them on the day of the event. Determine if they will write their own remarks or will look to you for scripting.
  • Assign others with tasks such as welcoming guests, distributing giveaways, answering questions, etc.
  • Prepare a checklist and verify all items.
  • Prepare an agenda to ensure all parties know what to expect.
  • Write a script for master of ceremonies and other speakers if necessary.
  • Distribute script to all speakers.

Day of the Event

Be sure you have enough people to help and that your point person is on the scene – ready to go – in plenty of time prior to the event. Bring an extra copy of the agenda, script and copies of the news release for media in attendance.

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