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City of Colton Police Department

Police Activity Log for 7/02/13 – 7/12/13

Jul 12. Various locations in Colton

Detectives and code compliance officers conducted a transient sweep throughout day.

Jul 9, 2:33 PM. 400 block of West H St

Officers attempted to locate a suspect at a location where a grand theft and an assault on an officer had occurred the previous night. The officers made contact with the resident outside and the suspect, who was hiding inside, fled out a side window and ran from officers. The suspect was cornered and ordered to surrender. He initially began to comply, but elected to fight with officers as they came close to him. The suspect was taken into custody by force and transported to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center for treatment of his injuries. Report # 13-03975

Jul 8, 4:19 PM. Wal-Mart on Mt Vernon

Officers responded regarding an armed robbery in progress. The suspect fled the area, but a detective remained in the area to watch what investigators believed to be an involved vehicle. An hour later, the vehicle was seen leaving and was followed. This led to a suspect being taken into custody and positively identified by the victim. Report # 13-03960

Jul 8, 1:09 PM. 1300 block of East Rosewood

Officers responded regarding subject making threats. Officers were informed that a subject, in an argument with his former girlfriend, had promised to kill her and her new boyfriend. The subject was promptly arrested for making criminal threats and booked into Central Detention Center. Report # 13-03954

Jul 8, 9:54 AM. 1600 block of Ashley Way

An officer was on routine patrol when he observed a subject in a vehicle that did not appear to be wearing a seatbelt. During the course of a subsequent traffic stop, the subject was identified and found to be wanted on an active warrant. The subject was also arrested for possession of a dirk/dagger. Report # 13-03944

Jul 8, 7:38 AM. Westbound I-10 near Mt Vernon

Officers responded regarding a report from CHP of a subject riding a skateboard on the freeway. An officer located the subject on the westbound shoulder of the 10 freeway riding his skateboard and when he saw the officer, the subject started to run away. After a brief foot pursuit, the subject was taken into custody without incident. Report # 13-03940

Jul 7, 5:45 PM. 1300 block of Meadow Ln

Officers responded regarding an attempted burglary. The resident observed and detained a Black male juvenile attempting to break into his apartment. Officers took custody of the juvenile, as well as two others, for attempted burglary. Report # 13-03931

Jul 6, 4:27 PM. 1200 block of Reyes Hernandez Ln

Officers responded regarding two subjects fighting. Two Black male adults were reported to be fighting and they left the area in a Ford Explorer. The vehicle was located and a officers attempted to conduct a traffic stop, but the driver refused to yield and a short pursuit ensued. Officers learned that the driver was attempting to bring a family member to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center because the family member was under the influence of PCP. Both occupants were removed safely from the vehicle and one was transported by AMR. Report # 13-03916

Jul 2, 11:31 AM. 600 block of North La Cadena Dr

Officers responded to City of Colton Human Resources department regarding activation of an alarm. When officers arrived they contacted a male subject causing a disruption in the office. The suspect had made personal and terroristic threats toward staff and he was arrested. Report # 13-03832

Jul 2, 5:13 PM. 1700 block of Washington

The officer on duty at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center responded to the Emergency Room regarding a stabbing victim. The victim walked into ARMC with a non-life threatening stab wound to his left bicep. The victim reported that the stabbing occurred at his sister’s apartment complex near the pool. An area check was conducted, but was unsuccessful. Investigation is pending further leads. Report # 13-03842

Police Activity Log for 6/11/12 – 6/17/12

061712 @ 1830 hours: Officers responded to Mt Vernon at the Bridge regarding a traffic collision. One vehicle went over the side, and one was blocking the southbound lane. The driver causing the accident was determined to be DUI. The driver was arrested and transported to Loma Linda. A passenger in the victim vehicle had a complaint of pain only. DR#12-07417.

061712 @ 0001 hours: Officers responded to the 1100 block of South Meadow Ln regarding a possible man with a gun call. While officers were checking the complex for the suspect, they saw a subject walk outside of his apartment. The man with a gun call was determined to be unfounded. DR# 12-07399

061412 @ 1757 hours: A victim came to the Colton Police counter to report a carjacking. The victim was taken from the 900 block of South 5th St at gun point and was driven to San Bernardino where he escaped from the 2 suspects. The investigation is on-going. DR #12-07356.

061312 @ 2143 hours: Officers responded to a train versus pedestrian accident at Birch and 5th Street. The female was struck by locomotive as she walked near the tracks. No injuries to the female. Rail road police responded and took over the investigation. No DR#

061312 @ 0446 hours: The officer on duty at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center was contacted by hospital security regarding a belligerent male adult that had been escorted off the property several hours earlier. While security was fighting with the subject, Colton officers took physical control of the suspect. The suspect received minor abrasions during the arrest and was booked at County jail for drunk in public. DR #12-07312.

061112 @ 2309 hours: Officers responded to the intersection of Colton Ave. and E Street regarding an armed robbery. A Hispanic male adult armed with a handgun robed a female of her cell phone as she was jogging with a male friend on the bike path. Officers conducted an area check for the suspect with negative results. DR #12-07293.

061112 @ 1642 hours: Officers responded to the 1600 block of East Washington regarding a stolen vehicle recovery. While on the phone, the witness that spotted the vehicle reported that a man matching the suspect’s description entered the stolen vehicle. After a short pursuit, the suspect fled from the vehicle near the 1800 block of Old Ranch Road. A witness reported that the suspect entered a particular apartment. Officers checked the apartment and took the suspect into custody. The vehicle was originally taken in San Bernardino during a carjacking incident. DR# 12-07287

Police Activity Log for 1/2/12 – 1/8/12
010812 @ 1348 hours: Officers responded to the intersection of Congress and Fernando regarding a strong arm robbery. The victim reported being robbed by 3 Black male adults. One suspect had a crowbar. The suspects took the victim's property and fled in an older model Honda described as Black, 4-door with fading paint. The victim said he has seen the suspects in the area of 800 E Washington, and Washington and Santo Antonio. The victim was not injured. An area check was made of the areas, but no suspects or suspect vehicle was located. DR# 12-00645
010812 @ 1238 hours: Officers responded to a burglary in the 700 block of South Atchison. The residential burglary investigation led to a possible suspect: the daughter's boyfriend. The suspect was also found to be a fugitive from parole. Officers tried to contact the suspect at his residence, but were delayed at the door by his girlfriend while he fled out the back door over fences heading towards Stater Bros through Cooley Elementary School. Officers gave chase and apprehend the suspect at Cooley and Old Ranch Rd. Officers returned and arrested the girlfriend for resisting an officer. A Search Warrant was obtained to search the residence and the on call Detective was called in to assist with the investigation. During the search, stolen property was recovered. The investigation is ongoing. DR# 12-00642

010712 @ 2217 hours: Officers respond to the 1200 block of Del Giorgio Dr regarding a large party disturbance. As officers arrived they attempted to make contact with the homeowner regarding the party. As the officers were near the residence, some of the people attending the party begin to throw bottles at the officers. Additional officers arrived on scene and began to shut the party down. As the people attending the party are leaving, some of the party goers attempted to conceal large bottles with nitrous oxide. Those suspects were arrested (2) juveniles and 1 adult: One other suspect attending the party became verbal then physical with officers after being told to leave the party and refusing to do so. That suspect was tased one time while he was fighting with the officers. That suspect was arrested and booked into county jail. The home owner was arrested for child endangerment. The home owner was booked into county jail. The juveniles were released to the custody of their parent (s). Approximately 250 to 300 people were at the residence, with over half of the attendees being juveniles. No injuries to any officers involved in the incident. DR# 12-00600

010712 @ 1849 hours: Officers responded to the 800 block of East Washington regarding threats called into 911. The 911 call came in to dispatch from a male inside the apartment saying "The Bitch is going to die." Officers on scene made a call into the residence and spoke with the male caller. The subject was asked to step outside, and he did. He said he had made the call, had already hit his girlfriend inside the apartment. The subject was detained as officers checked the residence. We spoke with his 3 sons and girlfriend and all said that there had been an argument but no one had been hit or harmed. The subject said he called us first before he did hurt them. The subject was taken for mental observation. DR# 12-00579

010712 @ 1813 hours: Officers responded to the 800 block of East Washington regarding a victim being held against her will. A 911 call came in from Stater Bros of a subject holding a female at gun point against her will at her apartment. Officers found the female outside her apartment claiming her ex boyfriend was locked inside. The female said the incident took place 3 hours ago and no gun was involved. As her story continued to change, officers made contact with the male suspect. At the conclusion of the investigation he was arrested for trespassing. The subject was intoxicated and uncooperative so he was transported to West Valley Detention Center where he was issued a citation. DR# 12-00578

010712 @ 1358 hours: An officer responded to the 700 block of West Canary St to take a report of a theft. An unknown subject took the small cement cover for the water meter. This piece taken was the smaller insert cover that is normally removed by the Water Meter Reader to allow them to see the water usage counter inside the box. DR# 12-00552

010712 @ 0030 hours: Officers responded to the intersection of Litton and Cordova regarding an assault. The victim called from Riverside Community Hospital where he had been admitted with a lacerated Liver. The victim said he was at a party Friday night when he got out of his truck and used a shovel to confront someone. Once he was out of the truck he was hit with a rock causing the injury. The 17 year-old victim did not tell his parents for several hours. The parents took him to the hospital for treatment. As the investigation unfolded it appears the victim is the real suspect, however the real victims did not want any prosecution. After talking with the parents they did not want anything else done only a report for documentation. DR# 12-00574

010612 @ 0550 hours: Officers receive a call of an unknown problem in the 800 block of East Washington. The caller advised that a male subject was inside of the apartment yelling and screaming. Officers arrived and attempted to make contact at the apartment. As officers were knocking on the door to the apartment, the subject inside stopped yelling and turned off all the lights inside of the apartment. Officers continue to attempt to make contact with resident, but he refused to come to the door. Officers were able to get a key from management to make entry inside. Once inside the male was found inside of the bathroom. An adult female with 2 children, ages 2 and 3 are found inside of a bedroom. Both the male and female were taken into custody for cruelty to a child and child abuse. There was no food inside of the apartment for anyone living inside of the residence. The living conditions for the children were hazardous. The Child Protective Services department was notified and the children were released to CPS. The parents were booked into county jail. DR# 12-00422

010612 @ 0009 hours: Officers responded to a call of a man down in the street at Fairway Dr and Crossroads. Officers arrived and found an adult male lying on the roadway. Through the investigation, it appeared the pedestrian was attempting to cross the roadway and an unknown vehicle struck him, causing a fatal injury. The suspect driver and vehicle fled the scene prior to police arrival. No suspect information is known at this time. The pedestrian has not been identified at this point, as it appears he may be a transient. Traffic Division responded and took over the investigation. The San Bernardino County Coroner's Office also responded for disposition of the male victim. DR# 12-00414

010512 @ 1542 hours: Officers responded to the 2100 block of Wild Canyon Dr regarding a man forcing his way into a residence. The suspect is the ex-husband of the victim who is currently in the Philippines. Last week, the suspect showed up at her residence where he has not lived and has no standing. At that time, he slashed all the tires on her vehicle and broke into the residence. He stole the ex-wife's dog while there. On today's date, the suspect returned to the location and fought with a caretaker for the residence. He threatened to burn down the residence and was able to force his way in. The caretaker fled and called police. Officers ordered the suspect to leave the residence but he refused to comply. With no progress over a 45 minute period, a tactical team made entry and located the suspect in the victim's master bedroom. He was non-compliant and would not show his hands. After several warnings, K9 was deployed as well as a taser. The suspect taken into custody and treated for injuries and later booked on stalking charges. DR# 12-00381

010512 @ 1444 hours: Officers responded to the 1700 block of North Pennsylvania Ave regarding a report of a burglary suspect that has entered a home. The suspect forced entry into the victim's residence and was confronted by the homeowner. Suspect fled on foot and was spotted by arriving units about 200 yards south of the residence. The suspect immediately engaged officers, striking at them with hands and feet. Suspect was taken to the ground and had to be hobbled before being taken to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center for medical clearance as a result of unknown drugs in his system. DR# 12-00375

010512 @ 0603 hours: Officers responded to the 1700 block of Kippy Dr regarding a vehicle burglary. Two suspects broke into a vehicle and were detained leaving the area. The suspects were identified by the witness. Several stolen items were found in the suspect's possession. As the investigation was being conducted, three more burglary victims were found. The stolen property was returned to the victims. The suspects are booked into County jail. DR # 12-00350

010512 @ 0356 hours: Officers responded to the 3000 block of East Canyon Vista regarding a residential robbery. Two suspects entered the residence and took property from the victims. Investigation is ongoing. DR # 12-00347

010412 @ 0307 hours: Officer on patrol spotted a suspicious vehicle in an area known for narcotics activity. While checking on the vehicle the officer learned that it had been reported stolen. The vehicle fled from the officer and he pursued. The driver tried to evade the officer but lost control and crashed. The suspect was taken into custody and treated at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center for abrasion to forehead caused by striking the windshield. DR # 12-00259

010212 @ 0353 hours: Officers responded to a commercial burglary alarm at R and R liquor on Rancho. Officers found that the bottom floor was secured by a roll-up door and security bars. When they inspected the interior of the business they saw that a suspect had made entry from the adjoining business. Officers used a ladder from Colton Fire Department to access the roof where it was found the suspect had removed an air duct to gain access to the neighboring business. Once inside, the suspect broke a hole out of the drywall and accessed R and R liquor. Upon reviewing the video it appeared the suspect only took cigarettes. Both businesses were searched by K-9 with negative results. DR# 12-00099


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